February 13, 2003

Adam Gopnik, writer, talks with Todd about moving from New York City to Paris. He talks about cultural differences and daily life in each city. He notes how the inherent generosity of the French compares to the fabricated niceness of Americans, and why this French attitude is incorrectly interpreted as snobbery. His experiences are chronicled in his book "Paris To The Moon".

Todd is joined by Matt and Ted Lee, founders of the "Lee Bros. Boiled Peanuts Catalogue". They tell Todd about boiled peanuts, as well as the other southern foods that are available in the catalogue.

Architecture critic Paul Goldberger talks to Todd about the aesthetic and social significance of recent museum architecture. He explains the context for and meaning of such projects, their aspirations, and their achievements. Goldberger is architecture critic and cultural news editor at the New Yorker.

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