February 13, 2001
How a product is marketed could mean its success or failure. We've been selling products for centuries, and Todd talks today with Marvin Spike about how we've done it. Spike has published the book "Making Our Mark: A History of Promotional Products Innovators & Ideas", documenting the free gadgets and promotional products companies have used to persuade consumers to buy more.

Jerry McLaughlin, CEO of Branders.com, manufactures the gadgets that companies give away as promotional freebies. He discusses the appeal of the little goods, such as keychains, calendars, and magnets, and how they use the Internet to move and see the products. He describes what's hot at the trade shows.

Comedian Richard Lewis talks with Todd about overcoming alcoholism, and how the drug influenced his life and career as an actor and comedian. He discusses how he's making it now, and being sober. His book is "The Other Great Depression".

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