February 12, 2001
Realism, Action, and Humor: three elements that combine to make great childrenís book illustrations. Caldecott Award Winner David Smallís illustrations contain those elements... heavy on the humor. David Small on his art, his life, and the presidency...  He has illustrated the children's book "So You Want To Be President".

Jeremy Irish, web developer and creator of the site "www.geocaching.com" has developed a new sport.  Similar to a scavenger hunt, participants click onto the site to retrieve coordinates of actual caches located in their neighborhood. The goal is to find as much of the hidden loot as possible, and to leave something behind for the next searcher.

Book reviewer Lev Raphael brings his latest recommendations to the studio today.  Check them out!

Website of the Day: Rick Prelinger is putting his collection of industrial, educational and advertising films on the Internet. Remember "What to do on a Date?" check it out!

Founding Brothers. Click to order at Amazon.com

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