February 10, 2003

Humans have been capturing and keeping wild animals for their own amusement for thousands of years. But the small iron cages of yesterday have been replaced with carefully constructed habitats that resemble natural environments. Todd is joined by Nigel Rothfells whose new book traces the origins of animals in captivity and the birth of the modern zoo. Rothfels new book is "Savages and Beasts:The Birth of the Modern Zoo".

Kanzi is a Bonobo chimp who surprised his trainers by making up his own "words". Todd is joined by Jared Taglialatela, one of Kanzi's trainers, who describes how they discovered the chimp was trying to communicate with them and whether non-human primates are challenging the view that animals have no language ability.

Todd is joined by author and mystery columnist, Lev Raphael. They discuss three new books: "The Unequaled Self" by Claire Tomlin, "The Hemmingway Book Club of Kosovo" by Paula Huntley and "The Devil and Daniel Silverman" by Theodore Roszak.

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