February 7, 2003

Todd is joined by Ed Keller, CEO of RoperASW, a global marketing and consulting firm. They discuss influential Americans, who they are, what they do, and the thought out marketing behind it. Keller is co-author of "The Influentials".

Sport scientist Alberto Minetti joins Todd to discuss how halteres - hand held weights - were used in Ancient Greece. Minetti tells Todd that halteres were first used in the standing long jump in the eighteenth ancient Olympiad in 708 BC, either to make the jump more challenging, or to extend the jumping distance. Minetti is from England's Manchester Metropolitan University.

Our music reviewer, Jim Derogatis, returns to the show to discuss Lou Reed's new album, "The Raven", and Billy Corgan's new band, Zwan, who just released their debut, "Mary Star of the Sea." Todd and Derogatis also discuss two classic Queen albums, "A Day at the Races" and "A Night at the Opera".

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