February 7, 2001
Pictures and words are the most powerful tools of communication. Combined, they should create a potent medium, right?  In theory, yes.  But this "potent medium" - comics -- is used primarily for power fantasies - the super hero genre. Scott McCloud says this is a waste of the art form, and he'll tell us what comics COULD be.  His book is "Reinventing Comics".

Emmanuel Madan has created a new type of instrument using a massive structure formerly used to store grain in Montreal. He explains how they have suspended microphones and speakers within each of the building's cylindrical chambers. The acoustics alter the sounds in appealing ways. He explains how the "silophone" will be used in the future. 

Musician Aaron Dworkin has realized the under-representation of Black and Latinos in American orchestras first-hand. He explains the barriers facing young minority musicians, and how he hopes to increase their chances of success through endeavors such as the annual "Sphinx Competition", and the all-minority Sphinx Orchestra.

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