February 6, 2001
It originally meant "to insure promptness", but today tipping is often an automatic reflex, service quality notwithstanding. It doesn't have to be this way, and you don't have to feel guilty about NOT tipping when you've had a bad dining experience. We'll learn about this social custom, when to do it, and when to eschew it.  Peggy Newfield founded Personal Best, in Atlanta, where she guides people in personal and business etiquette. 

The Hotel Hershey, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, offers body therapy, massages, and baths using cocoa as a main ingredient. Hotel Marketing manager Caroline Koefoed explains the popularity of using chocolate in spa treatments.

The Tripoli Rocketry Association is a group of people who build--and launch--rockets. Their president is Bruce Kelly, who talks with Todd today about projects the members currently have underway, and government oversight. 

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