February 5, 2001
A few years ago two brothers, both wildlife enthusiasts, lamented the lack of kids' TV shows about animals. So, while in college they videotaped their own "shows" and shared them with local schoolchildren. It went so well that PBS offered them a daily program.  Chris Kratt shares his story.

Nick Brown is the Vice President of the Forest Stewardship Council Board of Directors, and he talks with Todd today about certifying lumber.  Certification tags on lumber that is sold in stores indicates how the lumber company manages its forests.

A group of researchers is treating kids with Attention Deficit Disorder using videogames.  The games teach kid's brains to reach the type and level of activity required for concentration. The games become more difficult, urging the child to pay more attention. The program borrows ideas from the flight simulators used by NASA, explains scientist Alan Pope, from NASA's Langley Research Center.

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