February 4, 2003

As we approach old age, many of us can look forward to the comfort of retirement communities. Yet another group of citizens: inner-city minorities: are locked in crumbling, urban settings where they are aging in communities beset by serious social conditions. Todd is joined by author Katherine Newman, who highlights the reality of of disadvantaged elderly people in pockets of New York City. Newman's book is "A Different Shade of Gray: Midlife and Beyond in the Inner City".

A Hypersonic Sound Device? That's right, it's a speaker which streams sound in a precise, laser-like beam for up to 150 yards with almost no degradation in sound quality or volume. Todd talks to its inventor, Woody Norris, who talks about how this device works and in what situation it would be used. Norris is the Founder and Chairman of American Technology.

Many poets end up feeling so low that they commit suicide. Psychologist James Pennebaker has studied this phenomenon, and talks about the differences in word usage between poets who are suicidal, and those who aren't. Pennebaker is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas.