February 2, 2001
The "ParentWatch" program, in New York, installs webcameras in participating child care services. Parents can then watch their children online while at work. Adam Aronson is chairman and chief executive of the program, which helps parents deal with separation anxiety.

Some of the most loyal American soldiers, as writer Bruce Watson tells Todd, could be dogs. Dogs have been trained to participate in combat for centuries.  Although controversial, training dogs for fighting has helped a number of soldiers, and increased their chance of victory.

Hypothermic turtles are dying on the shores of Cape Cod. Beth Turnbull, a doctor at the New England Aquarium, explains how she and volunteers have rushed the turtles to the Aquarium, how they were treated, and how many of the creatures survived.

His dad was solidly middle-class and fiscally unstable. His best friend's dad was an eighth grade dropout and a multimillionaire.  The boy followed the latter's advice and retired at age 47. Financial guru and best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki tells us about his two "dads", their disparate philosophies, and how to think like a millionaire. His book is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad : What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor & Middle Class Do Not!".

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