February 1, 2001
Wiley Toys is starting up an on-line division, and YOU're in charge of making managerial decisions. This from a new CD ROM which trains employees at REAL companies to hone their job skills and it's FUN.  It's the "eSeries", from Ninth House Network.  As Senior Vice President Tom Fishmann explains, the programs allow for convenient, in-house training.

Lawrence, Kansas makes their own money.  To improve their city's economy, the Lawrence Trade Organization has printed "REAL" dollars. The "Realizing Economic Alternatives in Lawrence" money may only be used at local businesses, as spokesman Dennis Highberger explains.

Anna Simone may act like a psychoanalyst, but she's actually an interior decorator. She has lengthy interviews with clients to find out about their habits, relationships, and preferences. She is then able to devise a space in which they are truly comfortable. Simone is co-founder of the design firm "Ceccini Simone".

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