January 31, 2003

Todd talks with biographer Denis Brian about the life and accomplishments of Joseph Pulitzer. Brian describes Pulitzer's approach to journalism, how he ran his newspapers, and how his leadership changed how the nation read news. He and Todd discuss Pulitzer's personal struggles, and the results of his ambition that still affect us today. Brian's book is "Pulitzer: A Life".

When an outfielder catches a ball it's not because he kept his eye on the ball, it's because he subconsciously did complex calculations to determine the trajectory the ball would travel and where it would come down. Now, thanks to Dennis Shaffer, we know that dogs can do the same thing. Todd talks with Shaffer, a professor of Psychology in the department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Arizona State.

Movie reviewer Tim Dugdale talks with Todd about "Talk to Her" directed by Pedro Almodovar and "The Pianist" directed by Roman Polanski. He tells Todd that both veteran directors took risks with these films and created some of the best work of their careers. Dugdale reviews movies for the "Metrotimes" of Detroit.