January 31, 2001
 These days you can get a graduate degree on line wearing nothing more than your underwear, but does this devalue your education?  Actually, there's more accountability than you might think.  As opposed to dozing in the back row, students are required to engage in meaningful discussion via message boards.  Today, we'll talk to both a web teacher and student about education on the Internet with Carrie Heeter, an educator at Michigan State University who lives in California.

Jesca Hoffman has participated in Carrie Heeter's online classes, and tells Todd about her experiences. Many students are uncertain of what to expect from the courses, since information is transferred via cyberspace.

It is difficult to keep information private in today's world of technology and widespread digital networking. The public went to work to devise cryptography to protect information people put on the Internet. Technology writer Stephen Levy explains how the U.S. Government didn't like the thought of a code they couldn't break.  His book is "Crypto : How the Code Rebels Beat the Government-Saving Privacy in the Digital Age".

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