January 30, 2003

Sir Christopher Wren, who built the city of London from the ground up after the Great Fire, is remembered as one of England's great architects. Lisa Jardine tells Todd about his architecture, as well as his achievements in other areas of study, such as mathematics, astronomy and medicine. Jardine is author of "On A Grander Scale: The Outstanding Life of Christopher Wren.".

Researcher Tim Roper from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England, joins Todd to discuss the democracy that seems to exist in the animal kingdom. Roper explains his research, which aimed to find how animals make communal decisions about what to do, and when to do it.

Todd is joined by Amit Paley, staff writer at "The Harvard Crimson," to discuss The Secret Court of 1920. Paley, who wrote an article about The Court based on documents that were recently unearthed at Harvard, tells Todd how the trials began, and how they ended.