January 30, 2001
 Think of the high tech industry and you might envision squeaky-clean, dust-free labs.  But how do they get them that way? A lot of water, a lot of chemicals, and a LOT of waste, which is rapidly contaminating the environment. We'll take a look at the filthy underbelly of Silicon Valley with Ted Smith, the executive director of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition.

SubMedia, in New York, has launched an effort to create advertisements in subways.  As Josh Spodek, the company's co-founder, explains, ads would be stationary on the subway tunnel walls, but would appear as moving images to people passing by in the trains.

By looking at the past, technology writer Jonathan Margolis has predicted what could happen in the future. Computers, the Internet, communications and travel could see major changes. Margolis predicts the types of computers that could exist, and how we could use them. He also looks at political and societal changes in his book "A Brief History of Tomorrow, the Future, Past and Present".

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