January 29, 2001
If you watched the Super Bowl you may wonder how they work that yellow virtual first-down line that magically appears on the field. You can find out on Marshall Brain's web site howstuffworks.com  He explains how lots of stuff works on today's show.

Steven Austad, a zoology professor at Idaho State University, tells Todd about how he made a bet with Jay Olshansky, of the University of Illinois, about the human life span in 2150. Austad believes that we'll be living to the age of 150 years, and Olshansky contends that it will be 130 years. The 150 dollars bet has been placed in a trust fund, and will grow to 500 million by the year 2150 when the bet is settled. The money will be awarded to the winner's heirs, or selected Universities.

Eric Hansen traveled Borneo to explore and understand life there. He traveled with groups of native Penan, and tells Todd about his interactions with them and how they welcomed him into their tribe. He discusses how modern technology threatens the Penan people, and the eminent challenges that could change their land and lifestyle forever. Hansen's book about his adventure in Borneo is "Stranger In The Forest: On Foot Across Borneo".

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