January 27, 2003

Joe Nickell is the country's best known investigator of the paranormal. He joins Todd to discuss his career and how he investigates the Paranormal. They talk about how he can tell the difference between what's real and fake and whether he has ever uncovered something true. Nickell is an investigator for the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.

When four small glass vials were unearthed under trees at Lookout Point, they were sent to an archeological lab for analysis. What they didn't know was they were handling Mustard Gas; a potentially lethal chemical. Todd talks with Megan Wilkinson an archeologist with the National Park Service about how the vials got there and when she realised she was handling a toxic gas.

Todd talks with Eric Powell about "Bannerman's Island Arsenal", a Scottish Castle on the Hudson River built by an arms merchant. They discuss the castle's history and it's future. Powell is the Associate Editor of Archeology Magazine.

An exquisite World War Two Japanese rock garden has been revealed at the site of the Minidoka Relocation Center in southern Idaho. Todd talks with Jeffrey Burton, a National Park Service Archeologist, about the discovery and what the garden represents.

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