January 26, 2001
Paul Billings, former professor of medicine at Harvard and Stanford, has created "Genesage", a website where patients can store their genetic data and communicate with doctors online. The site will provide information about treatment options, and offer consultations.

Humans have been craving adventure for a long time, as writer Anthony Brandt explains.  He discusses the modern adventure craze, and dangerous vacations through history.  We usually vacation to relax, but also feel some satisfaction from adventure, and even situations that can harm us.

Recently the Wall Street Journal sported a headline saying "junk food can be history." Wishful thinking from Richard Simmons? Not quite.  It referred to the movement to preserve the architecture of fast food's early years. Those eye-boggling, kitschy, space-age temples erected as roadside meccas for the famished.  Chris Nichols is leading a movement to preserve southern California's architecture of the past.  He is chief strategist at the L.A. Conservancy, which 
is striving to protect and preserve old diners and coffee shops against remodeling. 

Website of the Day: Let's hope you don't see any of these snacks on the buffet table at your Super Bowl Party! It's from one of our past guests, James Lileks.

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