January 24, 2001
Knowledge for knowledge’s sake may seem like an old-fashioned idea, but it’s found a home. . . on the internet.  As a response to today’s research-oriented universities, Ann Kirshner founded Fathom.com, an online educational site geared toward -- wonder of wonders -- the student! 

Terry Lefton, writer at "The Standard", discusses the pros and cons of Superbowl advertising, and which businesses will benefit from it. Even though Superbowl ads reach millions of people, advertising doesn't mean success. Spending billions of dollars on Superbowl spots isn't a good idea for every company.

Activities on the sun's surface have far-reaching effects. Solar storms and solar flares often cause chaos in our technology and communications networks.  Astronomer Sten Odenwald details solar storms in history, how they've interfered with life on Earth, and when we can expect the next big storm. His book is "The 23rd Cycle : Learning To Live With A Stormy Star".

Website of the Day: For more about the sun and its storms, check out The Astronomy Cafe.

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