January 23, 2001
When the cold war ended, one group of professionals found themselves out of work: spies.  Where do you go when the bottom drops out of the international espionage market? Corporate espionage, of course! It's a growth industry in America, becoming more accepted as a standard business practice, and corporate spy Marc Barry shares his secrets.  Barry has co-authored "Spooked: Espionage In Corporate America".

Miguel de Icaza's group, the "Gnome Foundation", makes computer software available to the public, and then encourages others to improve upon it. Although the idea is not attractive to large software companies, de Icaza explains what he hopes to accomplish, and why the process will benefit everyone involved.

Richard Fortey, author, talks with Todd about evolution--as told through the eyes of the trilobite. The creatures have witnessed geological and environmental changes throughout their 300 million year existence. By analyzing their life, we are able to better understand the Earth's history. Fortey's book is "Trilobite! Eyewitness To Evolution".

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