January 22, 2003

For years, professional looters have descended on northern Peru, to rob the country of many of it's priceless antiquities-usually stolen from ancient burial sites. The Peruvians themselves, had no idea of the high prices these stolen items were fetching on the international market. Now, they're patroling their coastal landscape to preserve the value of their burial grounds. Todd talks with Roger Atwood, a journalist who has beeen documenting the Peruvian antiquities trade. His article appeared in Archeology Magazine.

Brian Marsden is the Director of the International Astronomical Union's Clearing House for comet discoveries. He joins Todd to discuss why there are so many comets right now and what we can expect to see in our skies in the next two years.

Sarah Corbett joins Todd to talk about adoption practices in Cambodia. There are claims that children are bought and sold and sometimes even stolen from their birth parents. Many of these children have ended up in American homes. Now, the U-S Government has issued a moratorium, freezing all adoption from Cambodia, despite some families being mid-way through their adoption process. Sarah Corbett is a writer for the New York Times.