January 17, 2003

Historian Frank McLynn joins Todd to discuss the conquest of the American West. He tells Todd about the history of the human migration to Oregon and California from 1840- 1849. McLynn is author of "Wagons West: The Epic Story of American's Overland Trails."

Todd is joined by archaeologist Mark Corney, from Bristol University. They discuss St. Laurence School in England, where excavations at the school's football field revealed one of the most important archaeological finds since the 1960s. Corney tells Todd about the two 40-room villas that were discovered, as well as the mosaic, which he believes to be the largest and best-preserved ever found in Britain.

Todd talks to Jordan Yin, Assistant Professor of Geography at Western Michigan University. Yin tells Todd about various communities around the United States who are making efforts to attract immigrants in order to revitalize an aging workforce, reverse population loss, and spur local economies.