January 15, 2003

Literary forensic scientists analyze written documents to find their authors. The method is also used to find criminals. Don Foster, literary forensics expert, talks with Todd about how he looks at word choice, punctuation, and spelling. He tells Todd about some of his discoveries, including proving that Ted Kaczynski was the Unabomer.

Satirist and writer Bruce McCall was raised in a small-town in Canada and eventually found himself in New York as a writer and artist. He talks with Todd about idealizing the United States as a kid, and what he thinks about America now that he's an adult. A recent documentary based upon his memoir is called "Thin Ice: Saved by the American Dream".

Lawrence Farwell, scientist, talks with Todd about brain fingerprinting. He describes the process, and how he can look at brain signals to determine if a person is familiar with certain information. He explains how this could be helpful in criminal detection. Farwell is president and chief scientist at the Brain Wave Science Human Brain Research Laboratory, Inc.

Conversation with adventurer and author Benjamin Long about re-tracing the Lewis and Clark trail continues. He wanted to uncover the biological changes in the area since 1804. His book is "Backtracking: By Foot Canoe And Subaru, Along The Lewis And Clark Trail".