January 10, 2003

Todd is joined by unconventional musician, Moby. They discuss his career, which began with guitar lessons and DJing at clubs, how his sound has evolved over the years, and his surprising success. They also talk about current and future projects that he is working on.

Todd talks to rock art expert Steven Waller. Waller, who is from the American Rock Art Association, tells Todd about the group's effort to preserve the acoustics of ancient sites. He explains that the preservation is important because the acoustics of these sites reveal much about the people who built them.

Todd talks with Jon Hall, who is the chief designer at BASF, which provides colors for consumer products. He tells Todd about fashion trends in color, and how important it is for his company to plan ahead and keep up with these trends. They also discuss the cost of each color that is created for cars.

Todd talks with Optometrist Daniel O'leary. O'leary, professor at Anglia Polytechnic University in Cambridge, explains the evidence that shows we have been treating near sightedness in children in a way that actually makes the condition worse.