January 10, 2001
Rayona Sharpnack creates leaders. As founder of the Institute of Women's Leadership, she coaches women, and men, in thinking, acting, and communicating like leaders. She stresses that more important than knowledge is how you handle situations and, ultimately, who you are, that breed success.  

On September 9, 1900, Galveston Texas stood on the brink of greatness. The city was blessed with a good location, a fine harbor, and a growing population. She was poised to challenge New Orleans as THE port in the Gulf of Mexico. A day later, Galveston was wiped off the map. Isaac Cline deemed himself an expert in predicting the weather, and he told Texans to ignore the warnings from Cuban officials that a hurricane was headed their way.  Erik Larson documents Isaac Cline's telegrams during the storm in his book, "Isaac's Storm: A Man, A Time, And The Deadliest Hurricane In History".


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