January 9, 2001
The 1953 discovery of the human genome left questions unanswered. No one knew, specifically, what was on the DNA.  Kevin Davies, founding editor of "Nature Genetics", talks with Todd about the government's "Human Genome Project", launched in 1990, and how, by 1998, only 3 percent of the code had been recorded.  Then the privately-funded "Celera Genomics" stepped in to finish the job. Davies discusses the researchers who worked in each group, and how they competed and collaborated. His book is "Cracking The Genome: Inside The Race To Unlock Human DNA".

A cure for chocoholics is the new endeavor of Liz Paul's company, L.P. Diet Scent, LTD. Paul discusses the "Aromacology Patch", which emits a scent that increases the amount of seratonin, a mood enhancer found in chocolate. The patch is designed to reduce chocolate cravings, and assist with weight loss.

When Lewis and Clark first broached the great plains, as many as 30 million bison blanketed the prairie. Eighty years later, all but 300 had been slaughtered. A 99.999 percent drop.  Ben Long retraced Lewis and Clark’s tracks, and he’ll tell us what’s become of the west since 1804... His book is "Backtracking:  By Foot Canoe And Subaru, Along The Lewis And Clark Trail".

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