January 8, 2001
It seems like we’re flooded with more and more sex on TV these days, and in fact . . . we are. In the last decade, the number of sexual references and innuendos on television has tripled. Kids absorb dozens of these messages daily, but how do they process them?  That’s where parents comes in. . . . Talking sense about sex, with Sexuality and Family Life Educator Deborah Roffman.. Her book is "Sex And Sensibility: The Thinking Parent's Guide To Talking Sense About Sex".

Paul Spinrad is an editor at "Wired" magazine, who will talk with Todd about "Bluetooth" technology. The wireless protocol allows devices to communicate across platforms.  Spinrad explains what the future of "Bluetooth" could hold.

Book Reviewer Lev Raphael stops by with a collection of great new books for the New Year. Check them out!

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