January 4, 2001
In 1900, French society presumed Therese Humbert to be what she claimed: the illegitimate daughter of an American billionaire who stood to inherit a ton.  And she lived accordingly. On the credit of others.  When the time finally came to produce the will from her locked safe, all the world was watching.

Scott Johnson directs the Cornell Baby Lab at Cornell University, where his team is researching how an infant's mind develops to understand the world around her. Johnson has strong interest in the initial stimuli experienced by newborns, how children grow to learn patterns and speech, and how sight plays a role in the brain's cognition.

Brian Gardiner is changing how the culinary world orders vegetables. The founder of "America Fresh", Gardiner talks with Todd about how his business allows restaurants to order organic produce from farmers before the vegetables have been grown, and how "America Fresh" will supply pictures monitoring the plants' growth.

Website of the day: Different perspectives on "The French Paradox." from Salon.com

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