January 3, 2003

Todd talks to Conor Liston, a former researcher at Harvard University who is now a medical student at Cornell University. Liston tells Todd about his research, which shows that the beginnings of long-term memory arise between the ninth and 17th month of a baby's life. They also discuss structural changes in the memory-processing regions of the brain, as well as memory retrieval.

Todd is joined by author Michael D'Orso. They discuss the Galapagos Islands, and the imminent ecological disaster that they are facing due to severe population and habitat changes. D'Orso is author of "Plundering Paradise: The Hand of Man on the Galapagos Islands."

Todd talks to James McLurkin, who is a doctoral candidate in computer science at MIT and a Lead Research Scientist at iRobot. They discuss his inventions, how he began creating them, and the exhibition of his work called "Invention at Play," at the National Museum of American History.