January 3, 2001
Out of nowhere, a movie about a bunch of unemployed Englishmen-turned-strippers becomes an international hit.  A book about a dying old man imparting wisdom on a young sportswriter rockets onto the best seller list.  And every Christmas, some toy becomes the next big thing.  Malcolm Gladwell, writer at "The New Yorker", talks with Todd about sudden social changes. He explains why some trends start small, but quickly attract attention and affect our culture in big ways. His book is "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference".

David Roberts, author, talks with Todd about the disaster of ship and crew of Russian sailor Valerian Albanov. Roberts tells Todd about how the "Santa Anna" became stuck in the ice of the Kara Sea on her way to the Arctic.   Roberts talks about how Albanov led the group using an insufficient map, and how he recorded the entire endeavor. Albanov's diary, translated into English, is called "In The Land Of White Death: An Epic Story Of Survival In The Siberian Arctic".

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