January 2, 2001
John Taylor Gatto, author and former educator, talks with Todd about why the ways we teach children today need to change, and how problems stem from the way the system is managed.  His book, "The Underground History Of American Education: A Schoolteacher's Intimate Investigation Into The Problem of Modern Schooling" will be published early this year, 2001.

Geoff Halstead, President and Chief Executive Officer of TrafficStation, Inc., talks with Todd about how their site offers information on traffic and delays. He discusses how they notify motorists and travelers of areas of traffic congestion, accidents, and bad weather to avoid. 

Stephen Budiansky, writer, talks with Todd about traffic congestion. He describes how minimal changes in traffic flow can cause excessive tie-ups, and how traffic responds to barriers.  He talks about how research in Germany involving gas molecules shows that traffic problems can result spontaneously under some circumstances.

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