January 1, 2003

A new trend affecting America's young couples is called the "starter marriage". Many young people are entering marriage with the best of intentions, but find they are unprepared and it ends in divorce. Pamela Paul, editor at "American Demographics" magazine, talks with Todd about why marriages of Generation Xers face unique problems and how the American perception of marriage affects them. Her book is "The Starter Marriage and the Future of Matrimony".

For the first time researchers have confirmed that bubbles in champagne affect perception and motor skills. Fran Ridout, from the University of Surry in the United Kingdom, talks with Todd about the research she conducted, and what she discovered.

Lobsters use their antennules to detect odors and information about their environment. Reseachers are trying to figure out exactly how they do this. Mimi Koehl, from the University of California, Berkeley, talks with Todd about the mechanical lobster antennae her group is working on, and how this research could aid the design of hazardous- materials sensors.