How I make homemade dog treats



Chances are you feel the same way about your dog as I do about mine. To put it simply, my dog is a part of my family. This means that what I feed him is important since I want my furry companion to live a long and healthy life. I’m not saying that I don’t spoil my dog by giving him treats, I just make sure I know exactly what goes into each one. No, I don’t compare ingredients at the store, I make my dog’s treats at home.

Before you raise an eyebrow and mumble that I am spoiling my canine, homemade dog treats actually have several advantages. They are less expensive than store bought varieties, definitely healthier, and best of all I found a couple really quick and easy recipes. If you’re like me and want to spoil your “best friend” while still being healthy, here are two of my dog’s favorite homemade treats.



“Trail Mix”


Some people call this “leftover” trail mix, which is just as fitting since you are basically using a few items from your refrigerator. It is important to remember you are not cleaning out your fridge, and your dog is not a furry garbage disposal. You only want to use ingredients that are safe for dogs, and this typically only includes a few items. The ingredients I use for the trail mix usually include,

  • Potatoes
  • Any vegetable other than onions
  • Fruit that doesn’t include grapes or raisins
  • Any suitable meat (preferably non seasoned)

All that’s left to do is to cut everything into smaller pieces and either place in a food dehydrator or on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake at 200 degrees until the food is dried. Once it has cooled, place it in a sealed bag and you have a quick treat that you can take with you. I usually take this trail mix with me when I take my dog on long hikes.


“Frozen peanut butter treats”


Almost all dogs love peanut butter, and as long as it doesn’t contain artificial sugars it is a safe treat to give them. I have several friends that use peanut butter to coat their dog’s medication. You can also use it to make a cool treat for your dog, and it only takes a couple of minutes to prep. You will need 1 cup of peanut butter and 32 ounces of vanilla yogurt. After you have melted the peanut butter in the microwave, mix it with the yogurt. Pour the mix into cupcake papers and freeze. It is a safe and inexpensive treat that your dog will love.


If you have any other recipe ideas for easy homemade dog treats I hope you will feel free to share them.



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