Simple Tips for Organizing a Successful Raclette Party



Recently I have found a new passion in creating raclette menus, and I decided that I should also throw some raclette parties, too. If you are not familiar with what raclette means, of my knowledge, it is a Swiss type of meal that consists of fondue (or melted cheese), and grilled veggies, meats and fish. Any combination is possible, as long as you abide by its simple rules.

First of all, in my quest for the perfect raclette party, I got myself a raclette grill, one sizeable enough to allow several people around it. The fun part of having this type of Swiss meal is that you actually allow your guests to create their own menus. My raclette grill comes with a bottom area where the dishes needed for all the guests are nicely organized and on which they can melt their cheese. On the top grill, we are cooking all kinds of meats and veggies, and, sometimes, shrimp and fish. I am fond of eating healthy, and this kind of meal is not only healthy, it is extremely tasty, as well.

Here is a piece of advice for hosting a successful raclette party. Make sure to stock on plenty of ingredients in advance. The last thing you want is to leave your guests feeling hungry, just because you were not careful enough to purchase enough of each necessary ingredient. Your grocery list should include cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, any other vegetables you might like and can be grilled, chicken meat, ham, sausages, fish, and shellfish. Of course, if any of your guests has certain dietary restrictions, make sure to learn in advance, and organize the raclette party so that they are well accommodated. In my own experience, the more options you offer your guests, the better, because they will always be able to choose their own combinations.

Now, let’s get to organizing the table. Make sure that the raclette grill is placed in such a manner that everyone around the table has access to it. Slice and chop all the ingredients, and place them on plates around the raclette grill so that they can be easy to access. Place some small bowls with sauces that go well with grilled foods on the table, as well.

The cheese must be placed in the raclette cooking pans that should be enough in number for accommodating all the guests. You can preheat the raclette grill, prior to your guests’ arrival, and have some of the veggies and meats already on the grilling area. This way, your guests will know what to expect and they may start eating right away.

This is what I know about hosting a raclette party. Let me know how yours went!

If you need ideas, Pinterest can help you!