I decided to buy an automatic dog feeder



I finally decided to buy an automatic dog feeder, and I have to say that I’m glad that I did. It is a convenient contraption, and once my poor dog got over his initial fear, I think he loves being in charge of his feedings. I did carefully research several makes and models before I found the right one, and there are a few things that I discovered. One of the most important ones was that not all automatic dog feeders are the same. If you’re considering investing in an automatic dog feeder here is what I have learned.



Make sure that it is automatic

To my surprise, I learned that just because the packaging states that the machine is automatic, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. I guess the word means different things to consumers and some manufacturers. For me I want “automatic” to mean that I can set a timer and a specific amount of kibble pours into the bowl. I don’t want my dog pressing a lever every time he thinks he is hungry. Not only is this not healthy, but the cost of constantly replacing his food would also drive me into bankruptcy.


Check the settings on the timer

Some dog feeders come with timers that can only be set for one meal, while others allow for several. Since I’m only away for a few hours this wasn’t a concern for me, one setting is plenty. If you spend long hours at work or travel overnight you will want to spend a little more on a model that lets you set the time for multiple feedings.


Size of the automatic dog feeder

The reason I don’t consider this one of the more important considerations is that it should be obvious. The feeder should be large or small enough to meet your dog’s needs. By this, I mean that you don’t want to buy one that only holds a few ounces of kibble if you’re trying to keep your Great Dane happy and fed throughout the day. This also applies to small dogs. There is no reason to waste your money on super-sized dog feeder if you own a Chihuahua. You might come home to find your dog swimming in his food.



Yep, automatic dog feeders can come with a few features. This really shouldn’t be surprising considering our canine companions are a part of the family. Some models can also be used with wet food, though this can be messy and smelly. You can also find some that come with a convenient ice compartment, so your dog’s food stays fresh.

My personal favorite are the models that come with small recorders so you can leave your pooch a message. Every time the unit dispenses food your dog will hear the recording that you left.