Why Homemade Greek Yogurt Is the Best




In my endeavors for eating healthy and making my entire family eat healthier, I discovered how to make a delicious food that should never be amiss from your daily diet. I am making my own yogurt at home, using one of those yogurt makers they sell in stores, and recently, I even upgraded to making Greek yogurt. I found the taste of homemade Greek yogurt absolutely exquisite, and I am glad I can make my own at home, because I know very well that I will not be adding any preservatives, sweeteners, or whatever yogurt manufacturers add to their recipes only to prolong shelf life.

Greek yogurt is a great source of healthy protein, and, since I am not so young anymore, I really need to sustain my muscle mass with proper nutrients. I am having plenty of activity every day, as I walk my dog, Betty, every day in the park, but I also need to eat properly. Did you know that a single serving of Greek yogurt, made with no added preservatives, has no less than 15 to 20 grams of protein? For the same amount of regular yogurt, you only get 9 grams of protein, so I find this very interesting and beneficial for my health. This healthy source of protein helps me keep my weight in check, because it helps me feel full, and I do not feel the need to overeat.




For an aging person, like myself, getting too much sodium from diet can be very problematic. Sodium is responsible for water retention, and also for playing a role in the development of hypertension. I wish to keep myself as healthy as possible for as long as possible, which means that I need to cut down on sodium as a rule of thumb. Greek yogurt helps me do exactly that because it contains very little sodium, even when compared to regular yogurt, which is already a healthy choice. With only 50 mg of sodium per serving, you would need to eat a lot of Greek yogurt to exceed the recommended daily limit of 1.5 grams of sodium.

Homemade Greek yogurt is great for your gut health. I didn’t use to be so concerned with what I was eating and how that was going to impact my health, but now I am much more aware and I know that good health starts with a functional digestive system. This is a great source of probiotics, which are essential for having good gut health. Actually, ever since I have been eating Greek yogurt regularly, I started to lose a bit of weight, and, overall I feel great and more energetic. Betty definitely appreciates seeing me so determined to walk her to the park every day.