About Me


Hi there, fellows! I am glad you decided to stop by my blog. First, I want to tell you a few things about me. Back in the days, I used to work for a dog kernel, and I was in charge of breeding Black Russian Terriers. This is a great breed of dogs I absolutely love, because of their straightforward temperament, which makes them very brave and attentive with everything happening around them. This breed is very suspicious of people who they are not familiar with, and that triggers their innate protective instinct, so they are quite amazing and recommended as guard dogs. Although these big dogs may look quite lovable as puppies, you need to be able to impose yourself as the trainer, since they are very playful. On the upside, they are highly adaptive and they learn very fast. Another great thing about them is that they get along just fine with other animals of all kinds, such as cats, rabbits and even horses. As long as they feel they are the one in charge, nothing affects their easygoing behavior.

Now I am retired and the only dog I am taking care of is Betty, my own companion. I say that I take care of her, but the truth is that she is taking care of me, too. Now that I no longer have to work, I am quickly discovering that keeping yourself in shape is quite a challenge. Betty takes me on long walks and that definitely helps with avoiding to put on extra fat. However, no matter how active Betty still is, I also need to pay attention to what kind of food I am eating. I decided to focus more on healthy eating, and this is what this blog will be all about.

As a retiree, I also discovered that keeping on with one of these fad diets you see everywhere can be quite difficult, and I had no results to show at the end of the day. So I decided that I should start creating my own menus and meals, and share them with my family, while following some healthy principles. I want to share all about what I am doing with you, on this blog. I know that people who are approaching their senior years need to pay extra attention to what they eat and how they eat. I have also purchased all kinds of cooking appliances, to help me in the process of cooking food for me and my family. I will tell you all about them in future posts, so you can see how useful they really are, and if they are worth being tried by you, too.

Let’s hear each other again!